Mother Nature blows city snow budget

You can blame Mother Nature for a $40-million cost over-run for last year's snow clearing.

Montreal spent 190-million dollars plowing and trucking away what fell, according to the newspaper 24h. That's 25-percent more than expected.

Executive committee member Anie Samson says nearly 300 centimetres of snow fell from January First to December 31st, including two major dumps.

There's no indication yet whether the city will have to cut elsewhere to address the cost over-run.

Photo credit: Demotix

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  1. Paul posted on 05/12/2014 10:35 AM
    Why does it take until mid May for the city of Montreal to realize that it is spending $40 million more this year on snow removal and that this may affect affect the budget?
    Sometimes it appears that this city moves so slowly that if it moved any slower, it would actually be going in reverse.
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