PQ had "disaster" in store for health care, Barrette says

Gaétan Barrette

Quebec's new health minister says he's learned the Parti Quebecois government had a secret strategy that would have caused irreversible damage to the health care system.

Gaétan Barrette says he will reveal those plans at later date.

"The Marois government was looking at an unprecedented level of aggressivity. If it had been put in place it would have disrupted the system in an irreversible way," the Liberal minister said Wednesday on his way into his cabinet meeting.

Quebec health care associations had said last February that the PQ's most recent budget was providing the system with $600 million less than it needed to stay afloat.

Barrette calls the orders the PQ had given out to deal with the spending constraints "dictatorial" and says they would have spelled disaster, though he would not explain what they were.

"What they had in mind, I will discuss this later when the time will come."

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