Watch this cat save a 4-year-old boy from dog attack

A video of a cat dramatically chasing a dog away as it was biting a 4-year-old boy has been making the rounds on the web.

Surveillance video shows a 4-year-old autistic boy named Jeremy riding a bicycle in Bakersfield, Calif. Midway through the video, the neighbour's dog sneaks up behind him and bites his leg.

As Jeremy's mother, Erika Tiantafilo, watch in horror, the family's cat, Tara, rushed out to where the attack was happening and bit him and chased him away.

The mother tells a local TV station that the boy needed a few stitches, but it doing fine.

The dog remains under observation at a local animal control centre.

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  1. Richard in Chambly posted on 05/15/2014 06:31 AM
    That cat is my hero! The dog's owner should receive a heavy fine for leaving his loose.
    1. Jack posted on 05/16/2014 06:36 AM
      @Richard in Chambly Call me a savage, but if that were my son I would have shot the dog, have it stuffed by a taxidermist and hang it up on my wall
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