Couillard willing to discuss taking over Champlain Bridge

Champlain Bridge

Quebec's premier says he willing to talk about having the province take over the responsibility for the Champlain bridge.

 Today, the prime minister said publicly for the first time that he's ready to talk about transferring the bridge, and others like it, over to provinces.

 Stephen Harper says the current situation doesn't make any sense because most federal bridges span two provinces, or even the border with the US.

 A new Champlain bridge is supposed to cost 3 to 5 Billion dollars and Ottawa is insisting on imposing controversial tolls to pay for it - an idea that faces significant political opposition in Quebec.

 Philippe Couillard says he’s will to consider taking control of the bridge sometime in the future. “I’m not pushing it off the table,” says the premier.

 “(But) I don’t want to be drawn in a parallel debate when the priority should be to fix the bridge, announce the deadlines and start the work as soon as possible.”

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