Government releases report on "Maple Spring"

Student protests.

The Quebec government has released its report into the 2012 student uprising.

The Menard Commission makes 28 recommendations, most dealing with police work, and suggests banning police use of pepper spray for crowd control - except when an officer is in danger.

The report pegged the cost of policing the student demonstrations at nearly 26 million dollars.


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  1. jonico posted on 05/15/2014 10:42 AM
    That whole fiasco was so ridiculous from the start. Bunch of whiny spoiled unrespectful students and many not even students causing nothing but chaos & money. Can't believe it cost 28 million dollars. I used to see them walking downtown with their little red tags many holding "Starbucks" coffee. Poor students my eye. The worst was the people that supported them. Another commission waste of time. Another PQ brainwave. Thank god that's over!!!!
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