Ménard report on student protests slams Charest government

Report unveiled minutes before the start of Habs-Bruins game

Just minutes before the hockey game started Wednesday evening, the Liberal government released the Ménard report.  Former PQ cabinet minister Serge Ménard looked at the student protests of the spring of 2012 and blasted the Charest Liberals for their handling of the tuition dispute. 

The 450 page report says the student protests could have been avoided if the Charest government used mediation and negotiated with student leaders.

It also criticizes police tactics. 

Two out of three of its recommendations are for the police force, they include; not using pepper spray and stun grenades.

The Montreal police brotherhood and the more militant student groups, like l’ASSÉ, refused to participate in the Ménard hearings last year saying they were bias.

“The head of the commission was a Parti Quebecois minister who publicly  supported the protestors, like we said in the beginning, this report has no credibility,” Yves Francoeur, the president of the police brotherhood, said.

 “I have to admit that this report is interesting, it points out criticism that was formulated in the past, against the police force, according to the type of weapons and tactics that they use,” Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, who was the leader of a student group that refused to take part in the Ménard commission, said.

The Ménard report was handed to the government in March.  It had 45 days to make it public.

The Liberal government had heavily criticised the Ménard commission when the PQ announced it.

“Nobody doubts that the main drive behind this commission was a political drive, this being said we will look at the recommendations,” Premier Philippe Couillard said.

The student protests cost taxpayers 26 million dollars.

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  1. More BS posted on 05/15/2014 03:57 PM
    Putting a separatist in charge of a report to be done on a Liberal government is like putting a fox in charge of a hen house. What other outcome would Menard come out with? Ludicrous
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