More money needed to keep city infrastructure from falling apart: report

The city's annual report on the state of its bridges and tunnels revealed that more inspections and investment over the past year yielded tangible results — the number of structures in advanced disrepair dropped.

But more money and more people are needed if the city wants to keep its aging infrastructure from falling apart.

Lionel Perez, the city's executive committee member responsible for infrastructure, said 2013 was the city's busiest-ever year for inspections, and he said it had to be, with the city's bridges, tunnels and overpasses rapidly crumbling.

He said the city's priority is keeping citizens safe, pointing out that years, in some cases decades of neglect have contributed to their poor condition.

"There was a lack of investment over a long term period," Perez says, "so it is normal that there's an exponential growth as to the elements that need to be repaired."

The city plans to boost spending, hire new personnel and harmonize its computer system with that of Quebec's transport ministry over the next few years.

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  1. Murray posted on 05/15/2014 05:03 PM
    We rarely go east of the West Island but yesterday we did. Montreal has more craters than the moon. We will avoid Montreal in the future
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