Politicians praise the Habs

François Legault celebrates the win
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

François Legault threw on a red Canadiens jersey to address his caucus this morning.

"You must never give up, even when you have the wind in your face," he revs up his team.

"I think we saw good proof of that in game five when we saw the Canadiens were missing some intensity. Yesterday, Pacioretty had so much intensity he found himself in the dungeon."

The CAQ leader is a known hockey fan. He's provided hockey analysis twice this week on a Montreal radio station. And, in 2012, he won the Cyberpresse hockey pool, beating 30 thousand other people.

Still, a win like the Canadiens' game 7 victory over the Bruins would be hard for any poltician to resist.

Legault unleashed his enthusiasm in front of the TV cameras this morning, naming some of his favourite players and talking to his own political team about what kind of lessons they could draw.

"The young Gallagher, eh? It takes courage to go up against Chara. It takes courage, but he wasn't scared. It's a good model."

Legault also likened the Canadian's colours to the CAQ's colourful logo.

He was not the only party leader to show off his support for the Habs.

The premier jumped eargerly on the subject, "Now Rangers are the next victims. We will win again," said Couillard.

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