This little piggie is not going to market

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      The SPCA is usually in the habit of saving dogs and cats, but over the past couple of weeks, it has taken in a special visitor. It's a tale that's sure to make animal lovers squeal with delight.

      A concerned citizen found Rosalie the Piglet on the side of the road, likely having fallen off a transport truck. The SPCA says it saved the piglet from the suffocating, restrictive and inhumane conditions of a metal gestation crate typically found at factory farms.

      The SPCA's initial suspicions were confirmed when they discovered the piglet's teeth and tail had been cut, a standard industry practice.

      "We just want consumers to be aware of this so they can make informed decisions, where they shop for their foods, and what kind of foods they purchase" said Montreal SPCA spokeswoman Anna Kapuscinska.

      The Montreal SPCA took in the piglet, sterilized her and cleaned her up, and next week she'll be sent off to the Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary where she can continue the happy porcine life she's been living at the shelter.

      "She's made a couple of friends here."

      Kapuscinska says Rosalie was saved from a harsh fate; "no animal should go through something like this" referring to the treatment of pigs in industrial abattoirs. "There (at the sanctuary) she's going to be able to play with other pigs, live a very healthy life."

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      1. Rina GIroux posted on 05/15/2014 09:53 PM
        I am happy for the piglet, such an amazing thing the SPCA did. I can't help but feel horrified for other little piglets that are tortured in such a way, I'm sure that most of us if not all of the public had no idea such practices are taking place. I personally don't eat pork, for my reasons - everyone needs to shed a light on these barbaric treatment on helpless animals.. I wish Rosalie a happy, healthy and extraordinarily long life. God bless everyone that saved her... And for you , CJAD for reporting this!
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