Class action lawsuit sought in alleged over-billing

Allegations of over-billing targetting some doctors and clinics have led to a request for a class action lawsuit against Quebec's Health ministry and the health insurance board.

Two Montreal eye clinics have allegedly charged for government-covered drugs, although, it seems, no names have yet been made public.

Philip Leveillé and his lawyers have reportedly filed the request in Quebec Superior Court.

They also say many city clinics and physicians are charging up to 10 times the cost of drugs normally covered by the government, that the government did little to stop the illegal pratice.

It's believed several hundred-thousand Quebecers have been affected.

There's a website with more information on this story,


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  1. Ann Paraskevopoulos posted on 05/22/2014 10:05 PM
    My son is one of the special needs students at Mackay school, as a parent of a special needs child our lives can be very stressful and at times scary! Having a school like Mackay to be able to send our children makes daily life a lot less scary! Knowing our children are safe,secure and well looked after is not a lot to ask!! Is that not what every parent wants and deserves is that not what our children deserve! My son did not ask to be born needing extra care and have a life of surgeries, pain and challenges! I did not have a child expecting to face so many obstacles and challenges, the government can do so much to help other countries etc in time of need!!! Well as the saying goes charity begins at home!!! Step up and help your own country and your own children!! I don't think this is a lot to ask!
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