Police find possible explosives in Cartierville

About 50 homes in Cartierville were evacuated by police Saturday morning after reports came in that possible explosive devices could be found inside a home on Robertine Barry St.

The Montreal Police SWAT team entered the home after clearing the surrounding area and found many objects inside the triplex.

Montreal Police Spokesperson Daniel Lacoursière said the bomb technicians of the SWAT department will neutralize the devices and investigators with the arson squad will determine if they were active bombs.

No official word has been given as to what the objects are. But several unconfirmed reports have made reference to pressure-cooker bombs similar to the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombing.

A full search will be done inside the home once the bomb technicians robot has neutralized all the objects to determine if there are any more inside.

Lacoursière said an 18 year suspect was arrested. He met with investigators earlier in the day and will be interviewed once again following the full search of the home.

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