Sergakis goes to court over Bell Centre beer sales

The head of the Quebec Bar Owners Association is going one step further in his fight over beer sales with the Bell Centre.

Peter Sergakis complained last week to the province's liquor board that the Bell Centre didn't have the proper permits to sell alcohol during non-live events - referring to beer sales during the televised game 7 between the Habs and Bruins.

The Liquor Board sided with the Bell Centre but Sergakis says he's ready to go to court over the issue.

"I don't think they have the permits to do that, because the permits stipulate that they are only allowed to sell liquor or beer when they have live shows." he tells CJAD News.

The association, which Sergakis says represents some 700 members,  plans to file a motion later this week asking for a hearing with Quebec Superior Court.

The liquor board, for its part, says the case is closed.

Some downtown bars have also said they have no problem with the Bell Centre selling alcohol when there is no "live" hockey game taking place.

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  1. crj posted on 05/20/2014 09:29 PM
    Peter, spend your time and effort and fix up your own bars. You are making way to much money with your recent excessive price increases in some of your bars. 20% increase on beer is outrageous.

    The Bell Center donated $220,000 from the even. How much did the city bars donate? Was there any room in your bars to watch the game? Probably not so why the problem?
  2. jon posted on 05/21/2014 12:11 AM
    This is so sad ....the bell centre threw an event that no bar can match and even better , donated to charity with some of the earnings and this guy wants a piece of the pie .
  3. ric posted on 05/21/2014 05:53 AM
    Sergakis exists only because of events in Montreal. Does he ever give any of his profits to charity? I bet all his bars were full that day and whatever the Bell Center did had no impact on his business. It would be nice to boycott his bars next game. Just plain greed and jealousy. Sergakis, be a man.
  4. Andy posted on 05/21/2014 06:32 AM
    Such a joke! I get that " the law" says they aren't supposed to sell alcohol unless there is a live event, but come on Mr Sergakis. You lost nothing here. how many of the ppl there were under 18, how many were there with their kids and went straight home, how many would not have been going to a bar in any case, how many do not drink, how many would have just stayed home if there was no event to begin with. so deduct all those ppl from the crowd and my guess is the losses are almost nil. on top of the fact that proceeds went to charity. What a greedy, sourpuss, cry baby. Shameful
    1. mike posted on 05/21/2014 10:29 AM
      @Andy u guys dont get it. its not the point of bell giving the money to charity or how much money sergakis is making but its the fact that u need a license for beer. they r restaurants that cannot sell beer without food n if they do ,they will loose there license for couple of weeks. why should bell center be an exception. follow the rules
  5. Fresco posted on 05/21/2014 09:32 AM
    I think Peter is upset that the Bruins lost! Last I checked, th game being played on the big screen was live, and I think the Bell Centre got the special lisence beacause they were giving to a Charity ! Put your money where youyr mouth is, donate that much money, and then you can complain!!
    1. Richard posted on 05/26/2014 09:50 PM
      @Fresco They made far more than they donated furthermore...they didn't donate their money.....they donated your money
  6. Dave posted on 05/27/2014 12:14 AM
    Why should the Habs and Bell Centre be prevented from selling beer when people are gathering specifically to see THEIR OWN PRODUCT live?
    (If they were showing two other teams live, then the bar owners might have a case. But that's not happening.)
    Let's put this in perspective -- Montreal bars benefit from the Habs being in the playoffs -- not the other way around!
    Oh, and please don't try to tell us that this is not a "live" event. When you watch any event live, it is a live event. Further, the profits are going to charity. The specific bar owners here are acting simply out of greed, not principle.
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