UPDATE: Harper government shouldn't pay for "local" Champlain bridge: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Gas tax money went into "pockets of mob and politicians in Quebec"

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the Harper Government should scrap the new Champlain Bridge project, arguing that basically Quebec politicians are a bunch of whiners.

"We want them to stop all work because we don't want Canadian taxpayers picking up the tab for the Champlain Bridge," said Gregory Thomas, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Thomas said Quebec should not be getting a $5-billion federal handout to build what he calls a local bridge in Montreal.

"The bridge has been falling down for many years now and nobody saved a dime to replace it," Thomas said.

"The idea that taxpayers from all over Canada have to pay for it is ridiculous.

Thomas said he has an idea of where all that gas tax money is going instead of for the new bridge.

"We watch the Charbonneau Commission like everybody, we hear about how wildly overpriced Quebec construction is, how it's the highest-priced construction in North America, all these payoffs with politicians and mobsters," Thomas said.

"What we hear from the Charbonneau Commission is that there's a lot of money going into the hands of crooked politicians and mobsters and not a lot of money being spent on construction in Montreal."

Thomas argues new  bridges are being built in B.C. financed entirely by tolls.

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce declined to comment, saying the statement by the federation did not merit a reaction.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre did not take kindly to the Federation's statement. 

His response was heavy on sarcasm: "Yeah right, that's truly representative. That represents Montrealers and people from eastern Canada."

He continued, "Canada is about sharing. Everything belongs to everybody. We're all part of the same team. And when there's a situation, Canadians all stand up together and say, 'It's good for the economy, it's good for quality of life and it's good for everybody.'"

Read the entire statement here.

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  1. Linda C posted on 05/20/2014 06:47 PM
    so what about if Quebecers pay for the bridge and decide to build it lower cause it's much more cheaper then? no more big boats able to continue til the great lakes from other countries? I think the use of that bridge is much more a commercial one for all canadians than a ''local one'' :-)
  2. Marguerite posted on 05/21/2014 11:22 AM
    The Champlain bridge is under federal jurisdiction, therefore it is federally funded. Money collected from the installation of tolls on the new bridge should go back to the federal government as repayment and Quebec politicians need to stop complaining on this issue. The people who use the bridge should pay the tolls. The location of the bridge is no different than any other bridge funded in other provinces by the federal government. It is all taxpayers money being consumed. An issue here is who is responsible for the tenders. Is it under federal or provincial jurisdiction? Whichever government it is they need to exercise more thorough oversight at every stage of construction.
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