Indebted undertaker who abandoned bodies found dead


Patrick Fortin, a north-shore funeral director whose permit was revoked last month, was found dead Tuesday in north-shore Terrebonne — and police there say they're not ruling out suicide as a possible cause.

That same day, the province's consumer protection office ruled that he had to transfer 3,000 pre-arrangement files to one of his competitors.

Last month, the health ministry stripped the 42-year-old of his permit amid suggestions he had been dipping into the money clients gave him for pre-arrangement contracts.

Earlier this year, Fortin vanished for a few weeks, while the bodies of nine people — whose families Fortin was doing business with — lay at the funeral home.

Reports suggest he owed close to $1.5 million in mortgage payments, loan payments, and back taxes.

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  1. Barbara Broughm posted on 05/23/2014 12:30 PM
    I would just like to say that this is such a sad story.....and one that could happen to anyone. There are no laws to protect these funeral homes. Some of my relatives are in the business and have told me that people don't pay.So I can see how this could happen, prearranged funerals are the best for these guys....however I can see how maybe he was over whelmed with debt, and decided to dip into that money, it's not right but when things become to much people do things they should not. Poor guy, my Aunt told me that my Uncle went to his grave having never been paid for some of the funerals he did for people.Taking people to court can prove more costly then it's worth, my Cousin now runs his fathers business and I can tell you things haven't changed, But my cousins also has other means of living.......not everyone can or should do this business. You have to know how to manage it because there will always be people who use your service then don't pay. I don't know all the circumstances of this mans story, but I can see how this could happen.
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