Leaked report: trains, not buses on new Champlain

Buses or trains - that's just one choice the designers of the new Champlain Bridge will have to make and a report prepared for transit officials comes down firmly on the side of light rail.

The 300-page document was leaked to La Presse and it bases is recommendation to the Metropolitan Transit Agency on the projected increase in public transit use in coming decades.

It concludes that establishing a light rail line across the new span would be only slightly more expensive than beefing up bus service - and for buses to cope with the increase in ridership by 2021, there would have to be one departure every 12 seconds during rush hours.

The report says the cost for a light rail line on the bridge would be between $1.4-billion and $2-billion, compared with $1.2 billion for expanded bus service.

Photo credit: Blanchardb at en.wikipedia

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  1. Marguerite posted on 05/22/2014 12:47 PM
    I am in favor of light rail. I believe this will be more benifical for all. Traffic would be reduced saving on polution, patrons will have a more comfortable ride, less time spent in traffic.
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