Light rail, tighter contract rules priorities for Richard Bergeron

Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron is tabling a motion at today's city council meeting that calls for a united front in calling for a light rail transit system on the new Champlain bridge.

This after new Liberal Transport Minister Robert Poeti says he is considering an express bus lane on the bridge, which is scheduled to open to traffic in 2018.

Bergeron says an LRT system is cheaper, more efficient and can move more people than buses.

For instance, he says it costs $1.30 per passenger by metro and $3.10 by bus. The cost by light rail would land somewhere in between.

Furthermore, he says flooding Griffintown with inbound and outbound buses would betray residents who are moving into the rapidly developing area, who were told that the new bridge would be equipped with LRT.

Bergeron is also tabling legislation that calls on Quebec City to tighten its laws around the awarding of municipal contracts.

The current law, enacted by the PQ in 2012, prohibits the awarding of municipal contracts to companies that have not been cleared by the province's financial regulators.

But it does allow companies to subcontract out to them, in fields such as project supervision and supply.

Bergeron wants that loophole closed.

He is hoping for unanimous support from council in both motions.

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