City to unveil deer control program

The Executive Committee member responsible for the city's parks says he will table a five point action plan Friday designed to control the burgeoning deer population in the east end Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park.

For some time, residents of the neighbourhoods around the park have been complaining about the herd of hungry deer that leaves the park to feast on their hedges and shrubs.

In February, the city carried out an aerial survey and discovered the herd has grown to 41 animals.

City officials say it's too much for the park to withstand.

Réal Ménard won't reveal what the recommendations might be, but apparently shooting the animals is off the table.

They are considering fences, or perhaps tranquilizing the deer and moving them to the wild.

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  1. jack posted on 05/27/2014 08:09 AM
    Why would one even think of shooting the deer.
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