Kids in court to keep camera in mother's long term care room

The family of a woman in a long term care facility with the CSSS Saint-Michel and Saint-Leonard is fighting in Quebec Superior court for the right to keep a video camera in her room.

The children of the 72-year-old paralysed woman put a video camera in her room after some jewellery was stolen and after they say it took too long to rush her to a hospital.

“We didn’t choose the CHLSD; they placed her over 50 km from us, my mother was  worried, so we told her we can put in the camera to make sure you're ok,” the woman’s son, whose name is under publication ban, told CJAD.

“My mother is paralysed, she can’t easily answer the phone so this way we are reassured, and she is reassured,  this will be her last home, can we not give her a little peace?” he continued.

But the centre, whose name is also under publication ban, filed an injunction to get the family to remove the camera, saying it violates its workers right to privacy.

The family is fighting that injunction because their lawyer, Jean-Pierre Ménard, says the law entitles anyone to take the necessary steps to be protected in their homes.

Ménard says the judge will have to determine if the long term care facility is her home.

“When the person is living in this kind of facility, it is exactly like you were living at home, and at home you can take any necessary precautions for your safety, so the person should have the same right,” Ménard said.

The CSSS Saint-Michel and Saint-Leonard, and the workers union did not return CJAD’s interview requests.

The lawyer representing the CSSS declined to comment.

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  1. Lisa posted on 05/27/2014 03:48 PM
    I believe she & her family should have every right to have video cameras in her room. If the workers in this long term care facility are doing their jobs correctly then they have nothing to hide. Cameras are already everywhere. The people who don't want the cameras are the one who steal from the old and who don't want to work. they are the ones who don't want the truth to be seen.
  2. ric posted on 05/27/2014 10:10 PM
    The cameras should stay. If the workers are doing their job, then what's the problem?
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