No sliding scale for daycare fees — this year

The Liberals say they won't hike daycare fees for higher incomes families — yet.

But the party's finance minister says two committees will take a look at how the program is being financed.

The Liberals had promised to index daycare fees during the election campaign, instead of imposing the across-the-board increase to $9 a day that had been planned by the PQ.

"Which is what we're going to do," says the finance minister Carlos Leitao.  "Beyond that, we are going to examine the way it is funded."

The Couillard government is not dismissing the idea of imposing a sliding-scale for daycare fees that would charge more for higher income earners. But, it is saying that measure will not be included in the next budget.

The Parti Quebecois is accusing the Liberals of opening the door to a larger increase, and backing off an election commitment.

"How can they be credible when they said exactly the opposite not more than three months ago?" said interim PQ leader Stéphane Bédard.

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  1. Jenny Z posted on 05/27/2014 07:43 PM
    Kudos Mr. Couillard!!! the more you make the more they should pay... the rich get all the tax breaks while making hundreds of thousands of dollars while most of us "middle class" citizens get taxed through the gazoo... My husband works THREE jobs and we live pay check to pay check. When my daughter was young (20 years ago). I used to pay 50$ a day for daycare.. 7$ daycare should be charged to single parents or households making under 50k.. If a household is over 100k pay 30$.. Over 150k pay 45$ a day... Over 200k pay FULL PRICE,,,,, enough with the rich riding on our backs!
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