Cyclists to take over the streets of Montreal this weekend

This is a big weekend for Montreal cyclists.

Friday night, the annual Tour La Nuit kicks off at 8:15 at Lafontaine Park. The Tour will take riders along a 20-kilometre route along the Lachine Canal and back again. The ride will end at Jeanne-Mance Park.

It's a warmup for Sunday's larger Tour de l'Île, a 50-kilometre ride which will take over much of the Eastern half of the island. Cyclists will head east from Lafontaine Park to Montreal East, then cut north to Gouin Blvd., and ride along that road west to Christophe Columb, to end at Lafontaine Park.

There will be road closures — click here for a list of closed streets for Friday and Sunday, and when they'll reopen.

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  1. Richard posted on 05/30/2014 05:51 PM
    I really wish they would tour some other i'lle

    Why is it always in my area? People flock from all over to make my live hell on those 2 days....Traffic backed up for miles...streets that cannot be crossed....people cant park on their streets and have to park blocks away

    Why don't they do a tour de Laval or tour de Pierrefond?
  2. Murray posted on 05/30/2014 05:52 PM
    The reason why Le Tour de l'Ile de Montreal only takes place in the east end is because my dear mayor listened to me and banned the event unless the participants of the event are INVITED to raise $$$ for charity.

    Yesterday CJAD listeners donated $1,460,000 to the Montreal Children's Hospital. The radiothon for the Ste Justine's did not even raise 20% of this amount. They raised $260,000. Considering the fact that there are far more French speakers, the per capita contribution is disgusting

    If the constituents of the Ste Justine were as charitable as the Montreal Children's the Ste Justine would have raised $113 million and not only the $221 million that it did in 2012.

    To add insult to injury, Velo QC receives as much as $1 million/yr in support from Montreal/STM while charities that organize cycling events actually have to pay Montreal!!!!

    Only in Quebec! Unfortunately, nobody has the time to contact Mayor Coderre and the Mayor could actually care lkess as he told me that his job is to run the institutions of Montreal.

    Coderre donated $1,000 to charity in 2012. He earned $183,000. Coderre is a good example of just how charitable the Quebecois are.
    1. Murray posted on 05/30/2014 11:27 PM
      @Murray CORRECTION to Above: The FHSJ raised $22 million (not $221 million as mentioned)
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