Fans turn in early after quick hurrah for eliminated Habs

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      It was an early night for Habs fans after the team's loss in New York.

      Fans left the Bell Centre quickly, with only a small handful escorted away by police after spending a half-hour in the middle of Drummond St.

      Vince Couto says they had no expectation for any rioting after the lossand if there had been, it wouldn't have involved any fans.

      "Habs fans are going to do that, it'll be a bunch of hooligans that start a riot," said Couto.

      "Exactly, it's not Habs' fans, it's just a bunch of goons taking advantage of the situation," echoed friend and fellow fan Nicholas Renault.

      Store owners were ready for any potential trouble, including the SAQ north of the Bell Centre on Ste-Catherine St. which had boarded up its front windows, prior to the game.

      For Alessandra Goncalvez, it wouldn't have been that smart for Montrealers to get violent following the team's elimination from the playoffs.

      "I don't think people will be stupid [and riot now]," she told CJAD News following the game. "I think people are just proud we made it this far."

      Other fans are already eyeing even more successfor next year's post-season.

      It's hard to take for us, but next year we're going to win the Stanley Cup, and that's it," resolved Kevan Gibrael.

      Montreal police reported no arrests or incidents.

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