St-Lazare family will have to move mobile home

A family that's been fighting the town of St-Lazare will have to move the mobile home they've been living in for the past three years.

The Supreme Court of Canada decided not to hear their case, meaning they have until the end of next month to find new accomodations.

The family has been living in a mobile home on their property since a fire destroyed their home three years ago, much to the displeasure of the town of St-Lazare.

With the Supreme Court's decision not to hear their case, the family has to leave by June 30.

St-Lazare spokesman Steve Flanagan says the town will take all necessary measures to ensure they do.

"We hope this story has a happy ending but if he doesn't move the mobile home, we'll move it," said St-Lazare spokesman Steve Flanagan.

The Bassendens claim they don't have the money to move. But Flanagan said they still own the property--and that if they sold it they would have the money to move.

Bassenden's insurance company paid off his mortgage but not the cost of rebuilding his house.

They allege he was operating an illegal car repair business in his garage.

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  1. JCLaHoot posted on 05/30/2014 08:09 PM
    "We hope this story has a happy ending"
    -.- They say as they tell them to leave.
  2. Allan Bassenden posted on 05/30/2014 08:58 PM
    Mr. . Steve Flanagan who was hired by the town of St. Lazare over 3 month ago has never called us or spoke to us we only read in news paper that Steve Flanagan would contact Allan Bassenden to try and work this out he with the city. I do not know why the city hired Steve because he does know that the bank has a lien on the land $40,000.00 and the city is owed almost $6000.00 .So there is no money left if we put the land up for sale But the Mayor Robert Grimaudo knows this because he was told many months ago by us. Where is the town trying to help the Bassenden family what a joke even you were supposed to call me back yesterday at 1:00 pm you never called me Tks
  3. Jane posted on 05/31/2014 11:47 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 03:11 PM on 05/31/2014
    If this family wants to live in a trailer on their own land, I do not see the problem. Whatever happened to personal freedom.
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