Urgent repairs set for Gentilly-2 nuclear plant


Hydro-Quebec will undertake urgent repairs on the Gentilly-2 nuclear power plant due to a crack in the structure, but the authorities say the damage is superficial and not dangerous.

A one to two meter crack has been spotted in the ring around Gentilly-2's cement dome.

Hydro-Quebec says a piece could fall onto a neighbouring building, so repairs are being launched for the safety of the workers.

"I think these repairs had to be done but what I'm saying to you is that what I heard from hydro is that there is no threat to the population," says Natural Resource minister Pierre Arcand.

"It does not cause any threat to the structure itself."

Hydro-Quebec calls the measure a precaution.

The Parti Quebecois announced the plant's shut down two years ago, but it will take 50 years for a nuclear power plant to be fully decommissioned.

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  1. Trevor J Stebbing posted on 05/30/2014 03:38 PM
    Hydro-Quebec Nuclear Power Plant has 1 to 2 meter (3.28 feet to 6.56 feet long) crack in the structure, but "THE AUTHORITIES SAY THE DAMAGE IS SUPERFICIAL AND NOT DANGEROUS". Hydro-Quebec is a company that has been constantly increasing its rates way above the rate of inflation and not limited to a once a year increase neither ! Hydro-Québec made $2.9 billion in profit in 2013 and paid $2.2 billion of it to the provincial government as a dividend. Where the money goes, like most things n this province is a complete and utter mystery. Maintenance and upkeep are words not recognized in Quebec. Does anyone trust or even believe in what THE AUTHORITIES say anymore ?
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