We didn't have sex, woman in cop car picture says

The young woman seen in a photo that went viral earlier this week says nothing sexual happened in the front seat of that police car.

She also says she hopes the Montreal police officers implicated in the "sex scandal" that ensued aren't disciplined.

The blonde woman, in her 20s, was photographed by a passerby in downtown Montreal on Monday night sitting in the front seat of a police car, shoulders bared, on the lap of an on-duty police officer. Her friend, a 17-year-old girl, was seen coming out of the back of the car with another officer.

"Nothing sexual happened," the woman told La Presse. "The police have nothing to answer for, and I don't want them to pay for [the incident]."

The Montreal police department suggested earlier this week the officers would face disciplinary action.

The woman, who wouldn't give her name, says she was out with her friend that night at a nightclub on St. Laurent Blvd. At around 11 p.m., she says, they walked toward a parking lot and noticed the squad car, which had one of the officers sitting in the passenger seat, with its door open.

"I approached him and sat next to him on the little piece of seat that was free," she said. "He let me be...we were sitting close together, but I was never on him."

That's when, she says, the passerby snapped the picture — and that they were never actually in the driver's seat of the car. She adds the outfit she was wearing that night bared her shoulders, and that she never undressed for the officer.

She does admit that she was "flirting" with him — asking him at one point how the police computer system worked — and that they did exchange phone numbers.

Montreal police says the officers haven't been suspended, but were taken off the streets and relegated to desk jobs for the time being.

The fallout from the picture even caught the attention of Quebec's public security minister Lise Thériault, who called the actions of the officers "weak".

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  1. Paul posted on 05/30/2014 11:52 AM
    Thanks for coming to the rescue of two Montreal police officers.
    I think I want to puke now.
  2. Sandra posted on 05/30/2014 12:30 PM
    I was right I knew it and I was right. I said it that she must of jumped on top of him, she was just sitting on him and nothing was going on. The story coming from the girl who took the picture just did not make any sense to me.
    But everyone was ready to attack this innocent officer.
    1. Joe posted on 05/30/2014 01:45 PM
      @Sandra You are either a police officer or the most naïve person in the world. Even if there was no sex, the last I heard people are not allowed to jump up and down on a police officers lap in his front seat. It is also very easy for the brotherhood which we know is very powerful to sort of straighten things out with these girls which by the way one is underage. Gimme a break Sandra.
  3. Jackie Bugdale posted on 05/30/2014 01:39 PM
    If some stranger walked into my office off the street and sat on my lap and I let them, I'd get fired.
  4. Alex Markola posted on 05/30/2014 02:47 PM
    What was the other officer doing in the back seat with a minor. Sex with an underage girl is a much bigger issue.
  5. John Do posted on 05/30/2014 06:35 PM
    So she admits that her friend who is 17 was coming out of a nightclub...last I checked the legal age was 18, so shouldn't the officers arrested her?!?
    1. ric posted on 05/30/2014 10:20 PM
      @John Do He must have had her cuffed in the back seat and was reading her rights.
  6. Amy posted on 05/30/2014 07:00 PM
    Shouldn't be in the front seat of a police car either way...
  7. Jerry posted on 05/30/2014 09:57 PM
    Our tax dollars "hard' at work......
    Everyone needs to remember = absolute power, corrupts absolutely!!
  8. Johnny posted on 05/31/2014 10:34 AM
    Let's not all rush to paint all cops with the same brush. While I am not a fan of the SPVM Officers (imho, a vast majority of them are clowns with badges with a God complex), I think that we should put things in perspective here. At best, these two officers are guilty of poor judgement and at worst of stupidity. What went on here was a blatant example of what not to do while on duty. I agree that there are dirty cops out there, but I think these two simply made a grave error in judgement that they will pay for and no, I don't think they should be fired because we are all guilty of making errors in judgement. These two just happened to do it while on the job. I agree that there needs to be more accountability for police officers and that can only come from a civilian oversight committee that does not answer to the SPVM or the Policeman's Brotherhood.
    1. al posted on 06/02/2014 03:07 AM
      @Johnny Oh Johnny!
      These officers are on duty in a police car.These officers should be fired.
      This is an insult to the police force. This is going around and is giving the good officers a bad name..They should name them and fire them.
  9. John posted on 06/03/2014 12:32 AM
    It's mighty interesting how the Police Chief does not have the integrity to be straight. What kind of crap is this nonsense, "No victims have come foreward". All of us Montrealers who pay taxes are the victims. How are we supposed to be protected by these cops if they are busy doing what they should not be doing on the job? If the Police Chief has any brains he should completely fire these two despicable cops. This way he will show he is serious. At this point all he gives a damn about is the fact that the police bust of drugs lost the limelight to this picture being circulated. Mr. Police Chief, if you don't fire them, you are guilty as those two derelicts. Wake up buddy and do your job!!!!!!
  10. Marc posted on 06/03/2014 09:37 AM
    Where there is smoke there is a fire... When the passerby snapped this photo she is clearly sitting in the car with the door closed..admitting to parting in a night club with a minor(dummy)... Get your lies straight.. Why is this idiot even talking..
  11. Dee posted on 06/05/2014 07:47 AM
    if she was 5 yrs old I might believe her.... she can't be serious... what a joke!
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