UPDATED: A bet is a bet. Youppi! is a mascot of his word

Photo: @montrealpoutine

Youppi! paid up on the Montreal Canadiens bet with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon early Saturday. He was walking around the streets of Old Montreal wearing a New York Rangers jersey.

The Canadiens and Fallon bet on the winner of the Eastern Conference Final over Twitter. Had New York lost Fallon would have worn a Habs jersey during one of his monologues. If Montreal lost, Fallon said the team would have to change it's Twitter profile picture to one of Fallon's choice.

The Tonight Show host added the Habs would have to Tweet 10 different pictures of Youppi! walking around Montreal in public wearing a Rangers jersey, and he would have to ride the mechanical bull at Chez Serge.

This morning Fallon sent the Canadiens his choice of picture for the teams new Twitter avatar. It's a photo of Henrik Lundqvist on Fallon's show a few years back, celebrating the end of the NHL lockout by playing Guns N' Roses' “Sweet Child O'Mine” on the guitar.

The Canadiens responded "A bet is a bet. We will do our best to promote @HLundqvist30's budding musical career."


The Canadiens posted the 10 pictures to Twitter on Sunday.

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