Tour de l'Ile makes cyclists happy, but not so for some motorists

It was a cyclist's paradise today in Montreal.

But it wasn't just because it was sunny.

The 30th annual Tour de l'Ile rolled out this morning involving some 30-thousand participants.

It may have been a great day for cyclists, but not so much for some motorists.

A slew of road closures meant detours and possible frustration for those behind the wheel.

"It happens once a year and bycycling is part of Montreal's DNA now and for those who wants to go from point A to B, yes it may take a little but longer by car", said Joelle Sevigny, director general of Velo Quebec, which organizes the event.

Closed roads were expected to be open again to traffic by about 4 o'clock.


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  1. Richard posted on 06/01/2014 09:19 PM
    Montreal is the best city in North America for cycling...and we have the worst economy What does that tell you?
    1. Robert posted on 06/03/2014 05:37 PM
      @Richard It tells nothing without a causal mechanism. Also, I don't think Montreal is the city in North America with the worst economy (maybe Detroit? but I'm sure there are many more others. For a fact I bet there are many North American cities that would die to have the economy of Montreal). I would suggest the economy would be better if people were more intelligence. Let me know if an explanation of the causal mechanism in this correlation is required as I did not include it since it seem evident. (odds are this comment will never be seen as outrageous spite overrules calm but biting analysis).
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