New reserved bus lane on Sherbrooke St. West is here

As of Monday, there’s a new reserved bus lane on Sherbrooke St. between Girouard and Elmhurst.  It runs eastbound between 6:30-9:30 AM and westbound between 3:30-6:30 PM.

Commuters waiting for the bus said they were pleased to see its arrival. 

“Sherbrooke has so much traffic, this solution is really good for us,” Freddy Palma, waiting for the 105 said.

CJAD tried the new bus lane during morning rush hour and it took 15 minutes to get from Elmhurst to Girouard.

But some merchants are upset about the parking spots that the bus lane eats into.

“I’m not happy with it, because it’s affecting my business, people can’t park their car and I’m losing a lot of business,” the owner of Cafe Oxford said. 

“Our business is in the morning, so when there’s no parking we lose our morning business, which is hurting us a lot, by at least 20 percent already,” the owner of D A D’s Bagels added.

The lost parking has been in effect for the last 2-3 months as officials prepared the bus lane.

STM vice-chair Marvin Rotrand said the reserved bus lane would make things quicker for commuters.

“For the existing riders, of which there are 18 000 per day, it means a gain in time between 10 and 20 percent,” Rotrand said.

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