New finance minister unveils $279 walking shoes

Carlos Leitao

The finance minister has a new pair of very expensive runners, that he paid for out of pocket.

For his first budget Carlos Leitao unveiled a pair of $279 black walking shoes, that he says symbolize how the government will re-launch the economy.

"It makes us think of the Plan Nord. Makes us think of the Maritime strategy," he said, adding later that strengthening the economy also means making investments.

Leitao bought the German-imports from a independent Quebec shoe store.

But, he will actually present his budget in his old shoes. "There's no reason for me to get rid of them, so I keep them. And, this reflects the necessity for us to balance our books."

The first Leitao budget should come down sometime after 4 o'clock tomorrow.

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  1. ssm posted on 06/03/2014 02:41 PM
    Laughable.Tragic. ? What this symbolizes is how out of touch our elected "leaders" are with their electorate ... from Marois' fancy publicly financed private toilets, to this guy's ridiculous rhetoric about how his German fancy walking shoes symbolize the re launching of OUR economy, the plan Nord, maritime policy, investment ... oh yeah, and to reflect the necessity to balance our books .... he won't wear them. What is wrong here? I hope his arithmetic is better than his global views on reality.
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