Tony Accurso loses another round in court

Appeals court ruling brings him one step closer to having to testify at Charbonneau

Tony Accurso has lost another round in his bid to avoid having to testify before the Charbonneau Commission.

The Quebec Court of Appeal has rejected the construction boss' latest attempt to dodge having to go before the Commission.

Accurso was subpoenaed a year ago, but has spent that time in the courts, launching several legal challenges.

Accurso is facing criminal charges, including tax fraud, and charges relating to several municipal contracts. His name has come up routinely at the Commission's hearings, and many politicians and civil servants have been photographed on his former yacht The Touch.

He suggests being forced to testify at the Commission's hearings might put him in a compromising position.

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  1. ric posted on 06/03/2014 05:06 PM
    Hey Tony, it's fun scamming money from everyone but not so much fun getting caught!
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