LOOK: Senior says cop bruised him giving him $500 jaywalking tickets

An 87-year-old Montreal man says he is filing a complaint with  Montreal police after claiming an officer manhandled him while giving him nearly 500 dollars in tickets for jaywalking and obstruction of justice.

Samuel Ferstman was out on one of his daily walks downtown when he crossed the street at Ste Catherine and Stanley, the light turning red as he was crossing. Ferstman claims a Montreal police officer was rude and rough towards him as the constable asked for i.d. and tried to prevent him from leaving.

"He grabs me from the back hard, hard, leaving black and blue marks on my arm," Ferstman said. The soft-spoken, unassuming senior, who is barely five feet tall,  took off his sweater and rolled back his short sleeve a bit to show an inch-wide purplish mark on his upper left arm.

Ferstman said he got a $42 jaywalking ticket and a $452 ticket for obstruction of justice after not giving the officer his right address, Ferstman claiming the officer's rough behaviour made him panicky and scared.

"He started yelling at me, 'You old man, you old man,' " Ferstman said.

Ferstman said this was his second run-in with the officer who gave him another jaywalking ticket last year in the same area, adding the officer was just as rude and aggressive then. Ferstman said he is jittery about going out for walks now, afraid of running into the officer.

But Ferstman argued he doesn't think the behaviour was justified.

"I want him to be reprimanded. I want them to know, to speak to him, because he probably doesn't realize that he's so nasty and people are afraid of him," Ferstman said.

Montreal police would not comment, saying Ferstman is free to file a complaint. Ferstman said he is filing a complaint with the police ethics committee.

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  1. paul posted on 06/05/2014 02:56 PM
    Who needs bandits and gangs when we have the MUC police?
  2. GT posted on 06/05/2014 04:01 PM
    Mr Ferstman was an easy target for the cop. Wonder if the jaywalker were some musclehead or a motorcycle gang member if they would have the same behavior. I doubt it. This is cop should be put on desk duty instead of dealing with the public.
  3. Marguerite posted on 06/05/2014 06:24 PM
    I hope Mr.Ferstman follows thru with his complaint. This type of behavior from any police officer is totally unacceptable. If I was him I would also fight the $452 ticket. This officer cleary has no idea on how to handle this situation.
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