Hoop leads to fine for Beaconsfield resident

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A Beaconsfield man was stunned when he received a ticket for almost $150 for the crime of leaving his kids' basketball net in his driveway.

Robert Connor said he'd been warned about placing his basketball net on what was, technically, city property.

But that after looking through the town's bylaws, he figured it wouldn't actually enforce the particular bylaw. 

He was wrong.

He says that as he was looking through the bylaw's, "I was a little bit surprised - it seems a little bit X-Files-ish. There are actually ordnances on how long you're allowed to have your grass, how many of those little white stones you're supposed to have on your property... I figured this was just another bulls*** law they have on the books."

He says he will contest ticket, and adds that the city should be encouraging kids' physical activity rather than fining people.


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  1. Anne posted on 06/06/2014 06:19 PM
    Yet another fine example of someone who thinks the law does not apply to him!
  2. Robert posted on 06/06/2014 08:11 PM
    He's 100% right. This is another stupid law but if it's anything similar to everything else in the city , he'd likely had gotten away with this if he had "friends" in the right places. Doesn't common sense exist anywhere anymore? Next thing they'll be banning joggers from running .......
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