Man carrying axe causes stir at Berri-UQAM metro

A man who brought an axe into the Montreal Metro was stopped and ticketed by police Friday morning.

Police intercepted the man at Berri-UQAM station shortly after someone called 911 around 9 a.m.

It turns out that the man was simply on his way to work. The axe was a tool required to do his job, police said.

However, he was still fined since the STM prohibits the unsecured transportation of something that can be considered a weapon. The transit authority requires items such as axes to be transported in containers.

Although it turned out to be a false alarm, Montreal police say they are pleased that residents are remaining vigilant and went to the trouble of calling the authorities.

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  1. MeNotYou posted on 06/06/2014 03:33 PM
    Way to go sheeple. Call the authorities if someone has something that scares you. Heck....clowns scare me. I'll call the cops next time I see one. Are you all happy now that this working class stiff has to pay a fine out of his daily wages, all because you couldn't just allow him to go on his way unmolested, especially since he wasn't hurting anyone?

    I know...I know. "But he could have!" is what you'll say. But potential action isn't a crime, and even if he did, the police wouldn't arrive in time to stop him. But since he gave no indication of doing anything other than shuffling off to work, there was no reason to call the state on him.

    East Germany would be proud of you all.
  2. Dave posted on 06/07/2014 02:45 AM
    Ticketing this guy is so utterly stupid, and typical of our nanny-state.
    "The STM prohibits the unsecured transportation of something that can be considered a weapon," says the story.
    Okay, kids, don't bring your baseball bats or hockey sticks onto the subway.
    Dads, leave those hammers, saws and screwdrivers at the hardware store -- better have them delivered!
    Meanwhile, the real psychos will simply carry whatever they want in knapsacks and plastic bags and pass undetected.
    Hope this guy fights this stupidity in court.
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