Airport noise affects not only West Islanders, group says

A group of people living east of the Decarie Expressway say noise of airplanes taking off from and landing at Trudeau airport affects them, too — and that the airport authority needs to recognize that.

A group calling itself Les Pollués de Montreal-Trudeau has raised funds to set up 10 noise measurement stations to set up in places like Town of Mount Royal, Cartierville, and Park Extension — places located east of the Decarie Expressway along the flight paths of low-flying planes.

Group spokesperson Maurice Chacron says all seven of the measurement stations that Aéroports de Montréal have set up are west of the Decarie Expressway.

"We would like to have actual measurements of the noises levels in these areas," he says, "and we've been talking to ADM, asking them to install these stations, which they have not done today. They've refused to do it."

They're looking to raise $10,000 for noise measurement devices of their own, and to call attention to how noise affects people outside the West Island.

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  1. Thomas posted on 06/12/2014 12:13 PM
    The complaints about airport noise has been ongoing for years now ENOUGH . I live in LaSalle, and we see and hear airplanes flying on there approach should the residence of south west Montreal start to complain also. What do people want, an airport close by with easy access or an airport 50 km outside of the city in the middle of farm land.
    The Montreal Airport does what they can I am sure to reduce noise levels but next people will complain about train horns, noises, then what the birds singing at an early hour. Please people you make a choose to live in the city, note that word CITY. So there is noise, you want total quite more outside the city.....
  2. Drew posted on 06/13/2014 01:22 PM
    When you live next to a air port what do you expect Stealth Airlines
  3. B777 posted on 06/13/2014 06:47 PM
    I live within 3 miles from the airport right under the approach to 24R. I am close enough to see the the landing gear mechanical systems of approaching aircraft. I chose to live where I live fully aware of the activity. Oddly enough in my area, the loudest noise makers are they city bus, honda civics with "sports" mufflers that are overly loud and can be heard for 1/4 mile and construction trucks. Also barking dogs and malfunctioning car alarms. While aircraft engines have become more efficient and much quieter, it seems things on the ground have gone in the opposite direction. I thin these people really need to get a grip.
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