Internal investigation launched into helicopter escapes

Philippe Couillard
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

The Couillard government has announced an internal investigation into how the civil service has dealt with the two helicopter jail escapes.

They say they are having trouble getting information from the four branches of government touched by the events: the prison system, the judicial system, the public security ministry, and the provincial police.

"The government is not satisfied with the flow of information, with the co-ordination of information, with the contradictory nature of certain information,"' says premier Philippe Couillard.

The Public Security minister adds that hang-ups within the civil service are preventing her from doing her job. "At each time that we go to ask questions, we get contradictory information, that is partial, and often there are time delays that are fairly incredible," says Lise Thériault.

The investigation will look not only at the role and co-ordination of the public service after Saturday's escape, but also at the reaction following the one in 2013.

Neither Thériault or Couillard would say whether or not they still have confidence in their civil service. Nor will they bring forward any explanations on why they would be experiencing these obstacles.

"We will not jump to conclusions," says Couillard.

At the same time, the Liberals say tracking down the fugitives is still the priority.

The three men have now been free for four days.

The Parti Quebecois says the government is trying to blame the civil service for their own short-comings, while the CAQ is applauding the move, but insisting that the Public Security minister later present the report that will be produced to a National Assembly committee.

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