NDP rejects ruling finding it guilty of improper mailings

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair

The federal New Democrats will have to pay back 1.17 million dollars after a secretive House of Commons committee found them guilty of improperly spending parliamentary resources.

The M-P's in question owe 36 thousand dollars to the House, while the remaining 1.13 million is owed to Canada Post.

The multi-party board had been investigating almost two million partisan flyers sent by the New Democrat M-P's to households in 26 different ridings, including four that were in the midst of byelections late last year.

N-D-P Leader Tom Mulcair accuses Conservatives and Liberals of turning the board into a ``kangaroo court'' where only the New Democrats have been targeted.

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  1. Enzo posted on 06/12/2014 11:02 AM
    So the prim and p proper Mr perfect, and his party, got caught cheating the system. Blaming the other guy (in this case, Conservative and Liberal members of the committee), and claiming that they (the NDP) were singled out, are two of the oldest tricks in the book
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