Parents refuse to pay rising school fees


Some parents in NDG are upset with the rising cost of extra-curricular fees at Royal Vale elementary school. Many are refusing to pay until they get more information.

Last month, the Royal Vale Home and School Association announced that yearly fees would go up from $975 to $1,245.   
The chair of the school's governing board, Jim Pfaus, says the association didn't explain the reasoning for the hike.
"Parents are upset because packets came home with the school fees and there was an approximate 20 percent increase and no explanation was given at all."
The association is made up of volunteers and handles the money for after-school activities such as karate and drama. 
For the last few year, Pfaus says the association has been running a deficit. 
"It's kind of hard [to balance the budget] as a volunteer unless you really have the background," says Pfaus. 
Royal Vale's governing board approved the increase because the association needs to pay for an auditor. Pfaus says he's seen other schools run similar programs for half the cost and wants the association to straighten out its finances.
The Royal Vale Home and School Association was unavailable for comment. 

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  1. joeN posted on 06/11/2014 04:00 PM
    Sounds like the same thing that happened with Queen of Angels. Rather than operate in a transparent way, the Board of Directors ran the school into the ground.
    I suspect the increase here is to pay for something that the school has no authority to spend the extra money on.
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