PQ calls on public security minister to resign over prison break story

Jacques Boissinot/CANADIAN PRESS

There's a new twist to the story of the three inmates who escaped from the Orsainville jail, near Quebec City, by helicopter this past weekend.

The opposition Parti Québécois is also calling for the resignation of public security minister Lise Thériault over her handling of the case.

She was caught in an apparent contradiction Thursday, after parts of a Quebec Superior Court ruling that had been under a publication ban were made public.

The ruling confirms that the three inmates threat risk had not been lowered on the day before the jailbreak. Earlier this week, Thériault insisted that the threat risk had been lowered.

The judge's ruling also shows the prisoners were allowed to roam free in the prison yard, without handcuffs, on trial days.

But the day of the escape was not one of those days.

Thériault, meanwhile, is suggesting her issues with managing the crisis are entirely due to contradictory information coming from her own bureaucrats.

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  1. Cindy Good posted on 06/12/2014 09:40 PM
    Some one should tell PQ minister to shut his mouth. We are not taking orders from them anymore. Morons.
  2. G posted on 06/13/2014 11:00 AM
    This woman is a puppet with a 6 figure salary who obviously can't do her job. I agree with Tommy S 100%. The bureaucrats are calling all the shots anyway so get rid of this woman and use her salary on beefing up prison security. No need for a replacement.
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