Blainville woman says cops kept mum about impromptu, unsupervised teen shindig at her home

A Blainville woman says police were irresponsible when they shut down a huge party at her home a few weeks ago.

The party was hosted by her 15-year-old stepson without her knowledge or supervision - and she only learned about it when she was informed by her neighbours, not the police.

The boy's stepmother says the police should have contacted her or her husband - the boy's father - as soon as they arrived at the party.

Instead, they told the teen to shut the party down and let the matter rest there.

She says she and her husband have joint custody of the boy, and that he used the home on a weekend the couple was out of town.

When she complained, senior officers agreed wit her, saying they will ensure that adults are always informed in the future.

Blainville police did say that no alcohol was evident.

And while the stepmother says she's satisfied that police learned their lesson, she's making sure her stepson will as well.

"I love him to death, but right now, he's very sad about the summer he's going to have," she said.

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  1. gewog posted on 06/17/2014 12:26 AM
    Sounds like some rich private school kid and a mansion... Who cares?
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