Trois-Rivières hospital to buy electronic bracelets for newborns

Baby Victoria with parents

Trois-Rivières' regional hospital will dig into its pockets to buy an electronic bracelet system to prevent newborns from being stolen away from their parents.

The announcement follows last month's dramatic abduction of a baby girl from her mother's bedside in the same hospital.

"An alarm will be triggered if the infant goes beyond the boundaries of the unit," says administrator Rosemonde Landry.

Several hospitals in Ontario already use a similar system, where an alarm also sounds when someone tries to take off the band.

The Trois-Rivères facility would not say how much they expect the system to cost.

The health centre will also boost its number of security cameras, and post signs around the hospital advising people to be vigilant.

Very happy

The chances of an infant abduction are estimated to be 1 in 375,000. Since the Trois-Rivières hospital welcomes 1,800 new babies a year, the technology could expect to prevent one abduction every 200 years.

However, some experts argue that the possible damage to the parents, staff and the hospital's reputation justifies the expense.

For the parents of the stolen baby Victoria, the bracelet system is not only worth it for Trois-Rivières, but should be picked up across the province.

"It's the best method that could be introduced. We are very happy," says mother Melissa McMahon.

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  1. Paul posted on 06/17/2014 03:06 PM
    Why is the price tag for this new system being kept secret?
    Is someone making a bundle of money here?
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