Health Minister assigns monitor to help Jewish General Hospital with deficit

Quebec's Health Minister has assigned a monitor to help the Jewish General Hospital with its increasing deficit.

Doctor Michel Bureau has been assigned by minister Gaétan Barrette to work internally with the Jewish General and figure out why the hospital runs a 15 million dollar deficit.

Laurent Ziri, the hospital's director of finance, says a previous consultant hired by the health ministry found that the problem was over volume.

Ziri says since the hospital renovated its emergency room in February visits have increased by 20 percent, and he says volumes at the Segal Cancer Centre increase steadily every year.

“Their report concluded that the hospital was underfunded for its volume and that it was a quality institution.”

Ziri says the hospital has been working with the ministry for three years and asked for the in house monitor.

Dr. Bureau's will start with a 9 month mandate, at the end of his term, a report will be handed in.

“It is possible that the hospital is underfunded for its volume, at which point the government will have to make a decision, either ask other hospitals to assume the volume or fund the hospital that is doing the volume,” Ziri said.

Dr. Bureau is also a monitor with the MUHC since 2012.  He has helped decrease the deficit from 72.5 million in 2013 to 13.5 million in 2014.  But that does not include the price of moving, which is expected to cost at least 10 million.

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