Mayor condemns union protests; warns of consequences

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is denouncing yesterday's union demonstration outside City Hall.

Coderre says union members using fire as a means of protest is unconscionable
and the appearance of a double standard - irresponsible.

He has spoken with union leaders and ordered a full report.

Coderre says there will be consequences for those responsible for setting the fires.

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  1. Joseph posted on 06/18/2014 09:24 PM
    What consequences for those responsible for setting the fires may be, perhaps time off with pay.
  2. Drew posted on 06/19/2014 01:06 AM
    This is side tracking the issue. The Mayor pension contributions should be adjusted and show an example as well as the rest of the councilors and the Members of the National assembly .What is good for goose is good for the gander
  3. Paul posted on 06/19/2014 06:26 AM
    What all the people attending the illegal protest?
    Why will there be no consequences for that?
    Is there a double standard?
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