City will launch committee to fix noise pollution

The city says it will work with Montreal's public health agency to start a committee, before the end of the year, which will discuss solutions to the noise pollution problem across the island.

The committee will work with partners such as Transport Quebec, CN and the Montreal airport to figure out what can be done to bring down noise levels.

Dr. Richard Massé, Montreal’s director of public health, says noise around the island is often higher than the World Health Organization standard which is dangerous to the population.

“We see that the more you are exposed to noise over 55 disables, the more you have health problems,” he said.

Dr. Massé and Réal Ménard, the city executive committee member in charge of the environment, say they'll start by determining which areas are most exposed, and then they'll take action.

“To have regulations to limit the exposure to noise through different ways, it could be having barriers, or reducing it at the source, it could be having more insulation or limiting construction in certain high exposure zones,” Dr. Massé said.

Ménard says rezoning could be an option, as well as introducing sound proofing building standards in high risk areas, to protect residents that will live in new developments.

“We will have new criteria to respect,” Ménard said.

Ménard says it will be harder to fix noise pollution in neighborhoods where it has been a problem for decades, but he says residents will be consulted to try and find solutions.

Dr. Massé says preliminary studies showed people living close to highways were hit the hardest.

Next were areas near railways, such as Point-Saint-Charles.

Third on the list were residents living near the airport or near downtown events.

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  1. Drew posted on 06/19/2014 10:10 PM
    Oh gee another useless committee
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