Drainville wants PQ to open up

Former PQ cabinet minister Bernard Drainville says the election loss in April should be viewed as an opportunity to renew the Parti Quebecois.

Writing in Le Devoir this morning, Drainville says the PQ must start from the beginning and be bold in it's effort to rebuild.

He says the party has no choice but to be open to a wide variety of opinion and is urging sovereignists of all stripes to join the PQ now , so as to have an influence on it's future direction.

He's also reaching out to the young and undecided voters saying brainstorming could result in a new Parti Quebecois that would welcome soft-nationalists, as well as members of Quebec Solidare and Option Nationale.

Drainville writes that while the election defeat was difficult to swallow, the loss could be seen as an opportunity  to make the party more constructive and positive.

He also confirms he is interested in running for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, but will take some time to make up his mind.

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  1. Jo-ann Anderson posted on 06/19/2014 08:10 AM
    How come when a jail break happened last year while the PQ were in no one asked for a resignation..
    It would not surprise me to hear that this jail break was arranged when the PQ lost the election.
  2. Paul posted on 06/19/2014 08:50 AM
    Demonize English and break up the country, this sums up the PQ. Reality check, this is not a good platform.
  3. Marjorie posted on 06/19/2014 09:49 AM
    Sprucing up the PQ is like spraying a garbage dump with cheap perfume.
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