Staggering poll has youth, sovereigntists turning away from PQ

Stéphane Bédard
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

A new poll from CROP, published in La Presse newspaper, has more sour news for the Parti Quebecois.

The party is now below the 20% line, at 19% support, and the CAQ is 10 points ahead of it, firmly in second place at 29%. The Liberals stand at 39%.

But the more startling news for the party may dwell in the details. Only one in ten people under 35 years old support the PQ. And, only half of sovereigntists do.

"The election is in four and a half years," says the interim parliamentary leader Stéphane Bédard.

He's drilling in to the fact that 50 % of people are dissatisfied with the Liberals. "There is a warning there. The rate of dissatisfaction is very high."

That rate, though, is still higher than Pauline Marois' for months while she was in power.

"Well, we're opposition. We'd like to still be in government," responds Bédard.

The CAQ leader, François Legault, in the meantime, says he does not comment on polls "though some days you want to more than others."

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  1. More BS posted on 06/25/2014 07:57 AM
    One would have to look far and wide to find a bigger bunch of losers.
    Even when they got elected they were a minority government.
    whether they make a come back only time will tell. In the mean time relish the fact
    that they are in shambles.
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