Looking back at ComedyWorks; closed after 24 years

A Montreal comedy club on Bishop has closed after 24 years.

The owner of ComedyWorks cites financial reasons.

The downtostairs pub, Jimbo's, has also closed.

"It's hard to comprehend the ComedyWorks is no longer a part of the entertainment scene here in Montreal", said comedian Joey Elias and host of CJAD's Comedy Show.

Elias began doing stand up at the ComedyWorks, then known as the Comedy Nest.

He worked up to being a headliner.

"What I loved about the ComedyWorks is it was an intimate venue, you had 80 people" added Elias.

The club was what you might expect.

"It was dimly lit, it had tghe brick wall it had the pictures of all the performers on the other walls. That's what I pictured a comedy club to be and that's what it was", said Elias.

He also said some big names performed there.

"Lewis Black, David Tell, huge names in the comedy world hat walkied thru there, Ray Romano was there, Louis CK".

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  1. Peter J Radomski posted on 06/23/2014 06:23 PM
    There is a factual error in this article that may confuse some Montrealers:
    The Comedyworks was never known as the Comedy Nest.
    The Comedy Nest is a separate comedy club, currently located at the corner of Atwater & Sainte Catherine street.
    Its original location was 1238 Bishop street. When it relocated, Jimbo began the Comedyworks at the same venue.

    The phrasing in the article may suggest to some that the Comedy Nest is also no longer around.
    To be clear, The Comedy Nest at Atwater & Sainte Catherine street is still very much around.

    Also, Dave Attell is the comedian Joey Elias was referring to.
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