Beware of moving scams on Kijiji

If you're moving July 1, some Montrealers want to warn you about a scam by moving companies tied to the same phone number that advertise cheap moving prices on Kijiji.

An NDG woman, who asked not to be named to protect her family, says she booked her movers on Kijiji at the price of 45 dollars an hour for two movers and a truck.

The day of the move, they put her belongings in their truck, and asked for a 500 hundred dollar deposit.

Then they asked her to sign her deposit receipt.

What she didn’t see was the fine print on the slip with fees; 50 dollars an hour per person, minimum four hours, 50 dollars per heavy item and 12 dollars per stair.

“At my new address, he said you have to give me 800 dollars more, I said, what? I’m not paying you!  He said sorry you have to or we’re going to throw your stuff in the street.”

“He said you signed madam, I was stuck.”

The woman paid 1300 dollars for a three hour move within NDG.

“I called the police, they came, talked to him and said sorry you signed, there’s nothing we can do.  It’s a civil matter.”

Tenants rights advocate Ted Wright says when booking a mover make sure you get the moving contract one or two days before your move, so you have time to look it over.

“If the company won’t give you two days to look it over, don’t go with them because that’s not the way a business should be.”

He also says you should beware of very cheap prices because they may be too good to be true.

“Pay via check or credit card so you have a way to follow the money, never pay cash,”he added.

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  1. al posted on 06/26/2014 01:32 PM
    You call the police and they won't help you. These fraud moving companies hold you hostage.. They quote a cheap price and then hell breaks loose..If you don't know them don't go with them. Pem in St. Lazare is recommended by me because they are good and tell you up front what the cost will be...Be so careful..when you move..
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