Cuts to 105 bus line has NDG residents furious

NDG residents are fuming over cuts to a major bus line.

The 105 serves Sherbrooke West from Vendome metro to the Montreal West train station and is often jammed to capacity.

But it has recently seen a drop in the number of departures by almost 10 per cent.

Service has dropped by 8.8 per cent, a move that is baffling and infuriating many users, as well as local Projet Montreal city councillor Peter McQueen.

"It's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing," McQueen says. "The 105 is a special bus in a special time right now. NDG is facing the Turcot construction and the MUHC construction. They've got to make a special exception."

But city councillor and STM vice-president Marvin Rotrand says the figure is not that high, and that the new bus lane is making the rides more efficient.

"Buses are adhering more tightly to the schedule," he says. "So the problem of people at bus stops unable to get on the bus... if it was a rare event before, it is even a rarer or impossible event now."

Rotrand says the STM's $20-million deficit is forcing the system to make cuts across the network.

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