Canada Day Tuesday makes for an unusual split week

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Some people will be slogging to work today with the grudging knowledge that many others are enjoying an extra-long weekend.

With Canada Day falling on a Tuesday this year, creating a "weird gap" in the work week, some employees are being treated to a four-day weekend.

This is the second similar week for Quebeckers who celebrated the St-Jean-Baptist holiday last week. 

But among the less fortunate who`ll be punching the old time clock as usual today, there are some who suggest their bosses shouldn`t expect to see any records set in terms of productivity.

Unlike Victoria Day or Thanksgiving, which are sliding statutory holidays that always create a long weekend, Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st -- regardless of which day of the week that happens to be.

And because it marks the day of Canada's confederation in 1867, changing Canada Day to always create a long weekend would actually require an act of Parliament.

Next year, Canada Day will fall on a Wednesday -- again splitting the week -- however, it will create long weekends the following four years.

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  1. Eric posted on 06/30/2014 09:22 AM
    Glad to see you call Quebec's holiday by its proper name and not Fete Nationale. Bravo!!!
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