UPDATE: St. Laurent prepares inspection blitz

In St. Laurent, borough officials are preparing an inspection blitz to put pressure on a property management firm to clean up many of the 1500 units it oversees.

Residents have long complained about vermin, mould, broken fixtures and other problems.

St. Laurent says when property management firm Metcap came on the scene, it promised to correct the problems but hasn't delivered on its promise even after being billed for the hours city workers put into the dossier.

The borough has now hired 3 employees to follow the Metcap file and is planning an inspection blitz over the coming weeks, focusing on 150 apartments.

“The size and scope of the issues that are facing the residents of Metcap are such that these additional measures are necessary,” borough mayor Alan Desousa said.

Brent Merrill , the president of Metcap said he’s aware of the vermin problem and has spent $560 000 over the last two years to try and fix it. 

But he says the problem stems from the garbage that must be kept in the buildings.  He says Metcap is in the process of completing paperwork to get zoning rules changed to keep the garbage outside.

Merrill says he published his cell phone number in La Presse on Monday, so tenants with problems could contact him directly and he has not received a call.

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  1. Susan posted on 06/30/2014 09:04 AM
    While Ville St. Laurent is doing it blitz, they should also inspect the buildings on Decarie and Ouimet. We lived in an apartment on Decarie for 33 years. The last 2 years that we were there under Metcap management were pure hell. The buildings were filthy, the garbage put out 24 hours before it should have been. If you needed something repaired they would give you a hassle about it. The staff, in the office at 1285 Decarie are rude! Everyone hides behind closed doors. There is no communication between management and tenant!

    The City of St. Laurent has been trying to get Metcap to clean up, but Metcap even started ignoring them.

    Metcap is a slumlord management company!!
  2. susan gautreau posted on 06/30/2014 01:25 PM
    I'm glad that the city is finally doing something. We shouldn't have to live like this. I've been a resident of the Norgate building for several years and all we get are broken promises and ignored.
  3. Ms Baptiste posted on 06/30/2014 08:08 PM
    I moved on Crevier a few weeks before giving birth to my second child. After my child was born, he was having multiple health issues to do the mould in the entire apartment. I contacted metcap and they kept saying they would fix things and replace things...but nothing but broken promises. l even hired, at my own cost, an inspector and ince they cinfirmed that mould was a big issue in the house..I broke my lease. Sorry..but when a child's health is at risk and your landlord doesnt want to help...you have to leave.
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