Air conditioners going fast as heat swamps Montreal

It may be the humidity, and not the heat... but it's still pretty hot, and Montrealers are flocking to their local retail outlets to get some air conditioned relief.

Locals fed up with the first real heat wave of the summer were snapping up air conditioners at the Angrigon Mall's Best Buy.

One customer, a mother holding her infant daughter and identified herself only as Edlyn, said she was buying an A/C unit for the sake of her four kids.

"The kids cannot do anything" because of the heat, she said. "They're sleeping and they're sweating too much. That's why we need air conditioning at home."

Karine Price with Montreal's public health agency thinks investing in an air conditioner is a great idea.

"Children aged four and under can be more vulnerable because it can be difficult for them to take basic precautions," she said. She added that the elderly can also be at risk, as well as those with physical or mental difficulties.

She recommends staying out of the hot weather, taking it easy physically and spending time in air conditioned rooms if you find yourself overheating.

Temperatures should return to normal on Thursday.

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  1. George73 posted on 07/03/2014 04:58 PM
    Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Reno Depot, Home Hardware must just rub their hands with glee as to how Montrealers are so totally unable to cope with a few sleepless nights before rushing out to buy air conditioning units. So much for being Canadian and being able to suck it up.

    Just a bunch of pansies.
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